Become a member

Being a member of Touch Belgium gives you access to a range of resources and support for your club, that will help your players, coaches and referees to develop and discover the sport, at both social and competitive levels.

Establishing and helping a Touch section get off the ground is a particularly important time for any organization. Being a member of Touch Belgium provides access to multiple communication channels that can help attract and retain new players.

Touch Belgium organises a total of six tournaments throughout the year open to all Touch Belgium members, including social summer tournaments, and the National Championships. In addition to the national tournaments, clubs and players often travel outside of Belgium to participate in tournaments run by other national associations or their member clubs. Affiliation to your National Touch Association (NTA) is a requirement to participate in any tournament outside of Belgium.

The touch season runs all year round, with tournaments in Europe generally held between February until December, so there are plenty of opportunities to play!

Benefits of Touch Belgium membership include:

  • Free Referee Theory Courses for all Levels (1-5), and Level 1 assessment in Belgium.
  • Free Coaching Courses. Both FIT accredited (subject to the availability of a required visiting instructor) and local coaching improvement sessions.
  • Free Entry into the Belgian National Championships
  • Club representation and participation in the monthly Touch Belgium meetings, where upcoming tournaments, sport and club development are discussed.
  • Possibility for club members to represent Belgium if selected to play for the Belgian National Teams (e.g. the European Touch Championships, Junior Touch Championships and the Touch World Cup).

In addition to the above benefits, the Touch Belgium Committee is available to help new clubs with coaching assistance and existing clubs with any ad-hoc needs that arise. Our principal aim is to ensure the continued growth and development of the sport in Belgium.

The annual membership cost for Touch Belgium is under review, and is currently €300. This registers the club with Touch Belgium and covers the first 15 registered club players. Each additional player, beyond the 15, costs €20 per player. Players may register as an independent player for €20 per year. Independent players are not allowed to partake in the national championships.

Please note

Membership does not provide Player Insurance. Clubs would need to organize this separately via the VRB Touch License or private insurance providers. This is a separate process from registering with Touch Belgium.

Would you like to know more about becoming a member of Touch Belgium? Email to find out more.