International events

Belgium is proud to send players to represent the country at international tournaments, including the European Touch Championships, the Junior Touch Championships and the World Cup.

The European Touch Championships

The European Touch Championships take place every two years. It is Europe's highest quality Touch tournament. Throughout the four days of competition, our teams give it their all to perform at their best.

The ETC2020 will be taking place in Nottingham, UK from Tuesday 28th July to Saturday 1st August included. Belgium will be sending three teams: Women's Open, Men's Open and Men's Over 40.

Each team is training hard in the lead-up to July, with the aim of rising up the ranks from 2018 where the women's team came 6th place out of 11, the men's team came 8th out of 11 and the M40 came 6th out of 11.

The Junior Touch Championships (JTC)

The European Junior Touch Championships is an annual event. For the first time in Belgian Touch history, we are aiming to send players to participate in the Junior Touch Championships 2020, with one team in the U15 category and one team in the U18 category. With that objective in mind, we have recently created a dedicated junior Touch section.

This sporting milestone will give pride of place to those representing the future of our sport.

We need you! In order to be able to continue developing the future of Touch in Belgium at this competitive level, we need your support. The ETC and JTC offer unique opportunities to sponsor the national teams. Any contribution - no matter the type or amount - is gratefully received, and will help Touch Belgium to reach our international goals across all five teams. Links to the Touch Belgium sponsorship booklets can be found on the Sponsorship section of our website.