What is Touch ?

Touch is a fast-paced, dynamic, minimal contact team sport. It focuses on speed, agility, communication and teamwork.

It is a fitness-focused sport for both males and females, for all ages and abilities and is growing rapidly.

Why play touch ?

  • It is open to everyone - there is no maximum age limit. It is family friendly, with family members often playing in the same team. Touch is played at all levels in Belgium, from beginners to competitive level. Junior level competitive Touch starts at U15, and continues up to Over 65s.
  • It is a safe sport - that is based on minimal contact which greatly reduces the risk of injury. Players are not allowed to tackle, and the ball needs to be placed momentarily on the ground each time the attacking player carrying the ball is touched by the defence.
  • It is dynamic - each team has six touches to try and score, so players are always looking to create gaps to run through. As soon as the ball is dropped, there is a change of possession. As a Touch player, you learn to pass and catch to a high standard very quickly!
  • It has an even gender split - with almost as many women playing as men. There are opportunities to play competitively as a mixed team, or as a men's or women's only team.

Are you interested in playing this fun, social and fast-growing sport? Would you like to try something different? On the following links you will find information on where to play, find out how to set up a Touch club, or how to develop as a player, referee or coach.